Name of confinement nanny: Catherine Yong
Customer Name: Aik Mei Keng
Services Purchased: Chinese confinement care services
Quality of work: Excellent
Professionalism of service person: Excellent
Would you recommend us? Yes
If yes, can we use your name? Yesnewborn-asian-baby-images

She pays attention to your likes and dislikes of the type of dishes that she prepared and plans ahead the menu taking into account your budget.

She takes care of everything when it comes to the baby. Amazing how she can cope with so little sleep and yet carries out her task so efficiently and so expeditiously. And still look so cheerful and upbeat!

She gives good advice on the do’s and don’ts without being overbearing and exercises her discretion well.

She is a true professional in her line of work and carries her duties extremely well.
She takes good care of the baby, emphasising on hygiene and storage of breastmilk, time of feeding.

She supports breastfeeding without being overly insistent. Formula is there for a reason.

She is understanding of your household’s needs without being intrusive and fits in well with the family.

Also kudos to Ivy and her team at CCM for their professionalism in addressing our initial reservations,
answering our queries and taking the time to explain and giving us the assurance that we need.


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