Name of Confinement Nanny / Service Provider: Kak Salmah
Services Purchased: Postnatal massage
Quality of work: Excellent
Professionalism of service person: Excellent
Would you recommend us? Yes
Kak Salmah has been very friendly yet professional in performing her massage duties.
Thanks for sharing tips and advice on maintaining good health and to keep slim.
Cheryl the admin staff of CCM has been most helpful and is extremely responsive to all my queries.
Thank you for your efficiency and great work.
It would be good if CCM could inform clients in advance if there are any needs
or preferences from the massage therapist.
In my case, I assumed that the massage would have been done on my room bed.
But Kak Salmah needed a large floor space (which my room didn’t have) so that she can lay her own mattress.
Thank goodness we managed to use the study room for the sessions.
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