Services Purchased: Confinement food delivery

Quality of work: Excellent

Professionalism of service person: Excellent

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As I thought confinement food will be so dull and tasteless, the confinement foo10419396_895242210532236_3570959296560190999_nd delivery from Confinement Care Malaysia is totally over my expectation. The food provided are so delicious and variety of choices as well. I’m quite choosy in vegies, but the vegies provided were really fresh and good taste. I was quite resist from fish during my confinement, my provider totally understand my feeling and willing to change another dishes for me. Provider also prepare the papaya soup for me when I mentioned that I have low milk supply. Potions for rice, dishes and soup are definitely enough for a big eater. Red dates drink is definitely highly recommended. I ordered extra 1.5 litres apart from the free 1.5 litres. The price is reasonable as well. Will choose back this centre when I have my 3rd baby. Comments: Overall service is excellent, except the delivery time. Most of the time food arrived around 1pm . Quite suffer as my home is totally no cook, so have to drink milk and soya to fill my stomach while waiting for the food to arrive. May consider to have a bike rider to avoid road congestion during peak time or any accidents.

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