On the fifth day of my confinement, I decided to change my confinement nanny as she is too dirty, rude, wasting food…..

I really cannot accept her and afraid to let her handle my baby. It is difficult to get a new confinement nanny last minutes,

but thanks god, I thought about Confinement Care Malaysia, which I have signed up for their confinement massage

package. I contacted the person in charged Cheryl and let her know my requirements. She replied me within few hours

with a good news. Though it is not exactly meeting all my requirements but at least all the major ones have fulfilled.

The confinement nanny LAN Che Josephine Ang and Eniwas sent to my house by Cheryl

(thank you so much) on the next day after my confirmation.

LAN Che has stayed in my house and provided her professional services

for 3 weeks. She cleaned up my house and kitchen daily, cooked

for me and sometimes for my family too,washed the clothes and

most important of all, she handled my baby in clean and hygienic way.

Besides the confinement nanny, I engaged the postnatal massage

service from Confinement Care Malaysia as well. Even though, there were

some misunderstandings in the beginning with the therapist but Cheryl

has settled them for me. The massage (urut) by Eni was great and really

soothes my body ache. I had recommended their services to my friends and relatives.

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