I made the right choice by choosing Confinement Care Malaysia to provide confinement nanny.

They will make sure you have a confinement nanny when your newborn baby arrives. The

confinement nanny father’s passed away during my 2nd week of confinement and she had to

leave the next day. So, we contacted Cheryl from Confinement Care Malaysia, she managed

to get me a free replacement confinement lady the next day. I couldn’t imagine how it would

like if I didn’t chose Confinement Care Malaysia. It’s not easy to look for a reliable and

experienced confinement nanny in a short time. Comments: Auntie Ah Jiao is good in handling

baby. She can feed, burp and make the baby sleep very fast. However, we felt that sometime

she overfed the baby. Feeding 60ml breastmilk to a 2 weeks old baby is still not enough and

request to top up with 40ml formula.

Ivy has great patient with the baby. She is willing to spend more time with the baby to make

sure the baby is not overfeed, burp the baby properly and calm the baby to sleep. She provides

morale support to the mother and make sure she has enough sleep. I felt very comfort under

her care. She’s a better cook compare to Auntie Ah Jiao. I would recommend her to first

time mother, especially mother who plan to breastfeed the baby.

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