Name of confinement nanny: Yan Yan Jie

Customer name: Ann Jee Tan

Services purchased: Chinese confinement care services

Quality of work: Excellent

Professionalism of service person: Excellent

Would you recommend us? Yes

If yes, can we use your name? Yes


I am glad that I went through an agency (Confinement Care Malaysia) for my CN.
I had the peace of mind knowing that if I were to deliver early or if the CN was not
suitable, an appropriate CN will be arranged by CCM. I had like almost 20 criteria
and CCM was the only agency that replied to me. Praise God that my very first CN
and I got along well and that I got to deliver my first baby at almost term.


In summary, I would recommend CCM to all potential mothers who would like to
have a peace of mind during their pregnancy and their confinement period.

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