Name of Confinement Nanny: Kak Long & Kak Wan
Customer Name: Nina Mustapha Kamal
Services Purchased: Malay confinement care services – 28 days Full Day
Quality of work: Excellent
Professionalism of service person: Excellent
Would you recommend us? Yes
If yes, can we use your name? Yes
Kak Wan was a great helper throughout the confinement period. She went the extra mile to help us out with house chores. Her massage technique was great and I enjoyed most was the body tungku. She is very experienced in what she does and she is also good with the baby. Keep up the good work!

Due to early delivery, I actually have 2 confinement lady. The first week was Kak Long. Did not managed to get her actual name. She was equally good. Thanks Cheryl for her speedy response when bb came way early than expected. She was quick enough to find me a solution.


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