As my wife delivered the baby two weeks ahead of schedule, the pre-booked confinement nanny was not able to make it to

take care of my wife & baby. During that time, I was panic and lost in direction. Without delay, I have to look for a new

confinement nanny (CN) via internet website. Thanks god I found CONFINEMENT CARE MALAYSIA and I had made contact

with the person in charged, Cheryl, and I had informed her our problems and difficulties.

What a surprise, Cheryl contacted me in less than half an hour and informed me that she was able to get a CN for us and the

CN is available in 2 days time, just in time for my new-born baby! Without hesitate, I confirmed and accepted her offer.

About the assigned confinement nanny (Ah Peng), our comments are as follow:Ah Peng Cheh

  1. Provide immediate guidance on the first day. e.g. stuff and food to be prepared.
  2. She always ensures cleanliness of herself before handling my wife and the baby.
  1. She is very stringent on hygiene.
  2. She never allows my wife to get hungry. She always prepares 5 to 6 meals a day for my wife.
  3. She cleaned the house and kitchen daily.
  4. As my baby always crying and hungry at midnight, she never sleeps at midnight to take care of the baby.
  5. This is to ensure my wife does not get disturb and to ensure my wife get enough rest after delivery.
  6. She takes care of the baby with patient in every single details i.e. feeding, cleanliness, hygiene etc.

Thank you Confinement Care Malaysia for the prompt service as well as the good recommendation!

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