Name of confinement nanny: Aunty Yin Leng
Services purchased: Chinese confinement care services
Quality of work: Excellent
Professionalism of service person: Good
Would you recommend us? Yes

Your Testimonial:

Near to my deliver date, I received a call from my confinement aunty informing me that she was unable come to do CN Yin Lengconfinement for me. That moment of time I was so panic and worried. Luckily, I managed to find this Confinement Care Malaysia agency thru internet and get a good confinement aunty.


Aunty Yin Leng is a good, nice, helpful, hygienic and friendly person. She is a good confinement aunty. She is good in taking care baby and patient. She is a ‘mother’ type person. I feel very comfortable with her.

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