My wife and I contacted Confinement Care Malaysia and managed to secure services of Mooi Cheh.

Initially we experienced some communication issues as the confinement lady speaks canto and mandarin,

whereas my wife and I speak some canto only. Nevertheless we secured the services of Mooi Cheh.

When Mooi Cheh came, I was very impressed with her:

  1. She is very knowledgeable in every sense of confinement; diet, caring of both mother and child as well                                                              as some of the traditional rules and regulations
  2. Educated us in baby handling techniques and also recipes to promote production of breast milk
  3. Very quick thinking, she knows exactly what to do in every situation.
  4. Managed to handle the baby very well within minutes.
  5. Even though we speak different dialects but we still managed to communicate in one way or another. :-).

Thank you Cheryl and Mooi Cheh!Jastin Fong - Mooi Che

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