Traditional Indian baby bath on the legs is tried & tested for generations. It has the following advantages: 


  1. Bathing position ensure water flows down avoiding water entering the nose, ears or mouth of the newborn
  2. With baby ensconced on stretched legs chances of baby slipping are negligible
  3. More hygienic as compared to using a bathtub filled with soapy or standing water
  4. Provides zero hassle of maintaining the cleanliness of baby bathtub
  5. Promotes safe bathing technique from baby’s first bath till baby can sit/stand for bathing
  6. It is easier to clean up the mess if baby pees, poops or vomits during bath
  7. Ensure the bathing process is relaxing and calming for the baby
  8. Helps cleaning the mouth of newborn and take out the phlegm
  9. Promotes healthy and nourished skin of newborn
  10. Increases circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system of newborn
  11. Drains toxins from the baby’s body and strengthens his/her immune system
  12. Helps with baby’s digestion and bowel movements
  13. Helps with baby’s sound sleep







Smoke Therapy for Baby is included in the package. Smoke therapy is really necessary for baby as it provides the following benefits:





  • It will warm the baby’s body and dry the hair
  • It prevents the baby from getting chest cold and flu


Smoke therapy is not in heavy smoke. It provides little warm smoke for the pores to close.


We use pure Pall Sambrani for the therapy which is baby-friendly.













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