Prenatal and Postnatal Massages

Expecting mothers often experience both physical and emotional change during pregnancy. Mothers-to-be frequently suffer from nausea, stress, muscles as well as joints strains. Prenatal and postnatal massage is the recommended remedy, for the purpose of body soothing and blood circulation, and to relieve and reduce puffy ankles. As the pregnancy progresses, a gentle massage on the abdomen and pelvic area helps to position the baby and brings relief to the pelvic muscles of the expecting mother.

Commonly Asked Questions about Postnatal Massages

Massages can be particularly beneficial for your postnatal health and has several benefits. Pregnancy is a phase of changes and is marked by a host of emotional, psychological and physical changes in the woman’s body. If you have had massages during your pregnancy time, you must be already aware about the benefits of massages to the female body.

However, there are a lot of people who do not get an opportunity to get prenatal massages. Fortunately, you can still get benefitted by a postnatal massage. Basically, a postnatal massage allows you the time to pamper yourself post all the trials and tribulations that pregnancy has inflicted upon you. Massage does not only help you recover on the physical level, but it also helps you recover at the mental and emotional level.

In fact, one of the key benefits of a postnatal massage is to help you handle the staggering emotions that you may be filled with post childbirth. The birth of a child and becoming a mother can fill you with mixed emotions. While you may be extremely happy to have your bundle of joy, it is obvious that you will have some apprehensions about this new found role.

Contrary to popular belief, a postnatal massage is more helpful for mothers who have had a rocky childbirth experience. Therefore, if you have had an unplanned C-section or the procedure did not go as expected, this massage can do wonders for you. Now that we have covered how a massage can improve your mental and emotional health, let us have a look at the physical benefits of getting a massage.

The most obvious benefit of a massage is that it relieves muscular pain and detoxifies your body like nothing else. This is particularly true for oil massages from the Chinese and Indian origin that use natural oils for massages. In addition, a massage can help you in dealing with the discomfort of constipation and all the other common conditions that are known to occur post-pregnancy. Day to day activities and a rushed life with the baby is sure to take a toll on you. Although these techniques have been developed and extensively used by the Chinese and Indians, these massages can be used by the Malay (Muslims) as well.

Activities like lifting objects and doing household errands, in addition to taking care of the baby, can cause pain the back and legs. Besides, pregnancy is usually followed by imbalances in the body. Moreover, if you have had a C-section, adhesion may also be present in your body. A postnatal massage helps you deal with these issues in a safe and natural manner.

Most women are unaware of the different aspects of postnatal massage and this lead to a number of numbers in their mind that are left unanswered. To start with, let us answer the first question that may have come to your mind, ‘When can I have my first massage?’ The answer to this question depends on how smoothly your pregnancy and childbirth procedure went. If you had an uncomplicated childbirth, there is no limiting factor for you and you can choose to go for a massage as soon as you feel that you are ready for it. However, if you had faced complications, it is best to contact the physician and seek advice on this issue. In general, it is recommended to begin a postnatal massage 1 week after a natural delivery and 2-3 weeks following a caesarean delivery. This massage should be followed up daily for a period of 7-10 days.

It is understandable that you are uncomfortable in leaving your baby at home while you are away. Worry no more, we provide postnatal massage services at your doorstep. You cannot enjoy the most beautiful experience of your life unless you are hale and healthy. Postnatal massages help you in getting back to your best as soon as possible to help you enjoy your family time.

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