Prenatal Massage

Benefits and Risks of Prenatal Massage

The pregnancy period is a period of mixed emotions, physical tension and a host of body changes. As a result, the mother is under a lot of stress and physical turmoil. A prenatal massage can be particularly helpful in relieving this stress and tension. Therefore, a prenatal massage not only helps in reducing the discomfort and pain associated with a pregnancy, it also helps you prepare, for the time, to come by maintaining optimal health.

prenatal massage2Prenatal and postnatal massage is nothing but a modified version of the conventional massage. These modifications are made to ensure that the massage incorporates methods that can address issues that are specific to the pregnancy period. A prenatal massage therapist is not just an expert in performing massage procedures, but they are also trained to recognize any prenatal issues or complications. Therefore, they can help you in identifying complications early.

Prenatal massages are of many types. Depending on the stage of pregnancy of the mother-to-be, the type of massage given to the her shall also vary. In general, prenatal massages shall only be done after 20th week of one’s pregnancy. Our prenatal massage therapists are local Malaysians who are well trained and highly experienced in performing the procedures in such a manner that sensitive areas of the body are avoided, and signs of issues can be identified. The massage oil used for a Malay massage is the therapeutic oil that is antiseptic and healing. These massages are equally applicable and effective for all races in Malaysia.

pregnancy-massage-895x450As the pregnancy progresses to the last stages, the mother is asked to lie by a side, and the massage is provided, in this position, to ensure that the mother is not subject to any kind of discomfort. Moreover, cushions and bolsters may be put under the legs and belly for added comfort. Besides the benefits mentioned above, a prenatal massage can help you in several other ways. These include –

  • Substantial reduction in stress levels
  • Relieves backache and foot pain
  • Reduction in the swelling of ankles and feet
  • Improvement in the elasticity of the skin causing a significant reduction in stretch marks
  • Improvement in bodily functions like digestion and sleep
  • Soothes and relaxes the baby
  • Reduction in pain

In addition to all the advantages, there are also a few risks associated with prenatal massages. However, some of these points that are classified as risks can just be misconceptions as there is no documented proof to support their occurrence. These supposed risks include nausea, dizziness, spotting, cramping and induction of labor. However, one risk that is understandable is the injury that may be caused if you get a massage from an untrained therapist.

Most of the risks or side-effects mentioned in the discussion can be avoided in entirety. Side-effects like dizziness and nausea are associated with any massage. Therefore, you can classify it as a side-effect of a prenatal massage. However, you can avoid it by getting up carefully after the massage and not eating a meal right before going for the massage procedure. Another commonly observed side-effect is muscular soreness. This can be easily avoided by drinking a good amount of water, a couple of hours before the massage. The other risks associated with this massage can also be avoided by taking the massage from our trained and experienced therapists. An effective prenatal massage can help an expectant mother deal with the challenges of the pregnancy period, in addition to keeping her baby healthy.

Our Services

We offer prenatal massages at an affordable price:
Every session (90 minutes) – RM170
*The quoted price above is subjected to an additional transport charges.

Terms and Conditions:

    1. Massage sessions are conducted in the comfort and convenience of the client’s house.
    2. Our massage therapists are local Malay ladies with many years of experience, trained and certified in traditional Malay prenatal and postnatal massage.
    3. Full payment must be made in advance.
    4. Appointment cancellation or postponement must be communicated at least six hours before agreed appointment date and time.
    5. All massage packages must be utilized within three calendar months from the purchase date. Unutilized sessions will be forfeited. Unutilized massage packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.
    6. Payment made is not refundable but transferable.
    7. Confinement Care Malaysia PLT shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that may result from the use of our service.
    8. The management of Confinement Care Malaysia PLT reserves the right to amend the prices, and the terms and conditions without prior notice.
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