We proudly present a treatment that is termed Lipo Dissolve body slimming treatment program, which use the latest technology to burn body fats. This treatment gives immediate inch loss result by emitting strong sound wave of 40KHz to human body for impacting fat cells fiercely and causing friction motion between fat cells.

Thus, the effects are very obvious:

  • Enhance blood circulation;
  • Accelerate the decomposition of fat;
  • Take away wastes;
  • Detox;
  • Enhance the effect of removing cellulite;
  • Effectively improve the state of area tissue; and most importantly
  • Remove stubborn fat.

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How It Works?

Cavitation stimulates blood circulation and the Cavitation 40 KHz penetrates deep into the third layer of the skin to break fatty tissues.

This painless and non invasive treatment helps shape up the body and smoothen skin texture on your tummy and other areas in your body.

The Lipo Dissolve treatment also helps mothers after child birth to achieve a toned tummy and slimdown to pre-pegnancy size. This treatment can be carried out on various problem areas such as the upper arms, thighs and tummy.

You will see the difference after just one session. body slimming


The treatment package deals start from RM 680. Now only RM 100 for the first trial.

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Why Lipo Dissolve Body Slimming Treatment?

If you have problems with stubborn fat and have tried many slimming programs and methods but do not see obvious results, Lipo Dissolve with Cavitation 40KHz is most suitable for you. The Lipo Dissolve body slimming treatment breaks down stubborn fat and reduces uneven skin around the tummies, thighs and hips.

It is quite often referred to as a non-surgical facelift because the heat generated not only promotes the production of brand new collagen but shortens the length of the existing collagen fibres helping ‘tighten’ the skin back up.


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