Confinement food is an essential health food diet nutrition to recuperate mothers after childbirth. Our experienced confinement nannies and chefs are knowledgeable and highly experienced in combining the right traditional Chinese herbs in crafting healthy food recipes to aid mothers in their journey to recovery during their confinement period. Our confinement meal specialists or chefs are well equipped and qualified to prepare delicious, healthy and right confinement meals for new mothers. They are highly knowledgeable in:

  1. buying and preparing the right ingredients for postnatal recovery,
  2. doing the actual cooking,
  3. developing healthy and delicious confinement meals recipes, and
  4. providing confinement nutritious consultations and advices






We provide confinement meals delivery straight to your door-step to ensure that the meals are hot and ready to be served!

Our confinement meal menus are carefully planned to guarantee that new mothers will receive the right amounts of nutrients and benefits necessary for their confinement period. We prepare confinement dishes and soups that improve lactation supply, such as Papaya Soup with Fish or Pork Rib, enabling new mothers to produce sufficient supply of breastmilk especially during the first two weeks of their confinement period. This will allow new mothers to spend quality time with their newborn, while recovering and healing through essential healthy confinement diet.image(12)image(8)

Our unique and specially prepared Chinese confinement meals include:-

  • Two Main Dishes (Chicken, Pork, Fish)
  • One Side Dish (Vegetables / Toufu)
  • Confinement Herbal Soup
  • Complimentary Brown Rice
  • Vitality Red Dates Tea (1.5L)

Our confinement meals put emphasis on the 3 stages of postpartum recovery

Phase 1: Uterus recovery, lochia discharge and wounds healing

The first stage of confinement recovery focuses on healing the uterus. During childbirth, a woman experiences heavy blood loss, and the uterus continues bleeding even after delivery until it contracts to normal size. As such, the confinement food prepared for this recovery phase will be milder in order to help the lochia discharge, wounds healing and contraction of uterus for faster recovery. Food for this stage also needed to be digested easily.

Phase 2: Strengthening digestive organs and increasing the supply of energy, blood and breastmilk

This phase focuses on improving and strengthening the digestive system in order to flush out the excessive fluids accumulate during pregnancy. A strong digestive system also helps digestion and absorption of nutrients, thus helping to repair tissues and improve the quality of breast milk.

Phase 3: Physique strengthening and nourishment

The last phase of confinement involves physical strengthening. A balanced nutrients and nourishment is important in helping mothers to regain her vitality, and preventing premature ageing and preparing her for future pregnancies.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Advance notice of TWO (2) days is required to activate the actual delivery service.
  2. Meals will be delivered once a day between 11.30 am to 1.30 pm (Monday to Sunday). Confinement Care Malaysia PLT will not be held responsible for any delay in deliveries due to traffic conditions or unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Postponement of meals is not allowed unless it is due to medical conditions. In such cases, postponement is allowed for a maximum of THREE (3) days, and it must be supported by doctor’s letter.
  4. A deposit of RM 1000 is payable upon confirmation of service. Balance payment must be made before or latest by the first day of delivery. We reserve the right to terminate the service if payment is not fully received on time.
  5. Order cancellation: If the order is cancelled before the commencement of delivery, the deposit is refundable after minus RM 300 administrative fee. Once the order is cancelled, it cannot be re-instated.
  6. Service termination: The deposit made is not refundable upon start of delivery, but transferable and equavallent to a 7-day package.
  7. Payment made is not refundable but transferable.
  8. Our confinement meals are freshly prepared and cooked daily and is best consumed within the same day.
  9. Confinement Care Malaysia PLT shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages that may result from the use of our confinement food delivery service.
  10. The management of Confinement Care Malaysia PLT reserves the right to amend the prices, and the terms and conditions without prior notice.
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