What Can Our Confinement Nannies Do For You?

newborn-babyPregnancy is a stressful period and involves a lot of physical, mental and emotional changes that can give you a spin. However, your time of stress does not end here, and you can expect to see some more problematic times as you get your baby home. While you are trying to recover from the physical and mental trauma associated with childbirth, you will be bombarded with the additional responsibility of taking care of your baby at home.

However, you can ease your troubles by hiring a nanny who can help you manage most of your tasks and give you the time to get back to your healthiest best as soon as possible. Therefore, as soon as you get back to normalcy, your first task is to look for a suitable nanny who can do all this for you in a committed and dedicated manner. 

As the name suggests, the purpose of hiring a nanny is to ensure that you and your baby get the time and resources to recover and maintain a healthy well-being. If you prioritize the list of tasks that the nanny is expected to do for you, the first and foremost thing that is expected of her is to take proper care of your baby. Therefore, the nanny must be able to take care of your baby 24×7. This will give you enough amount of time to rest and heal, in entirety before you go back to work or get back to a normal routine. In order to ensure that the mother gets the required relaxation, the Malay and Indian confinement nanny can also offer massages.

Salt Bath-198x117In addition to this, a nanny must also be able to cook meals for you, in addition to doing all the laundry, for you both. You can also ask for an herbal bath or other kinds of special treatments that the nanny may be trained to give. This will help you recover faster and in a more effective manner. Nannies are usually trained in Ayurvedic medicine of Indian origins and the Ancient Chinese medicine. Besides, there are Malay (Muslim) nannies as well. A nanny is not just there for the baby, he or she is also there for you. It is the nanny’s responsibility to guide and support you through this time.

Talking to her can give you better insights on what you should do and what you should avoid in terms of basic care and procedures. A nanny is an experienced professional who has taken care of many babies and has seen numerous mothers recover from child birth. You can use this experience to your advantage by speaking to her about the best practices of postnatal care for both the mother and child.  Good advice from the nanny can actually help you in averting several conditions and issues.

baby has a bath, crying and yellingIn addition to the above mentioned, a nanny can also provide support services like preparing confinement food and doing laundry for the mother and baby. You can take her along for grocery shopping and the nanny can help you pick the right foods and products for you. Upon request, the nanny can also do basic household chores and perform maintenance activities like dusting and utensils cleaning for you. A nanny can actually work as an assistant for you and help you in managing your daily chores effectively.

This summarizes the difference between a part time confinement nanny and live-in confinement nanny. A part time confinement nanny is not available to you 24×7 and may not be able to address emergency concerns, if any that may arise. On the other hand, a part time confinement nanny can be much more affordable. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can hire a confinement nanny of your choice.

In summary, we provide various types of confinement care services, comprises of:

 Day Time Confinement Services

 Live-in Confinement Services

 Confinement Care Services for Specific Ethnic Origin (Chinese, Malay, Indian)

 Prenatal Massage Services

 Postnatal Massage Services

 Confinement Food Delivery

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