Confinement Food Catering as an alternative to Confinement Nanny Services

Hiring an experienced confinement nanny may be the first thing that come to the mind of an expecting mother. This is particularly true to first time mothers.

However, with rising costs of living, and other personal circumstances such as limited space at home to accomodate a confinement nanny, hiring a confinement nanny may not be the right decision to make for some families. Not to mentioned the cost of hiring an experienced confinement nanny as well as the costs involved in purchasing the cooking ingredients and herbs for confinement meals.

As such, hiring a confinement food catering or delivery services may be a more affordable option to consider. This will allow a new mother to recuperate her health while enjoying nutritionally balanced confinement meals without the needs to worry about its preparation and cooking.

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Confinement Care Malaysia is excited to serve you in time of your postnatal needs, helping you to regain your strength after an intensive childbirth. We provide two options, catering for your specific needs:

  1. Chinese Non-Halal Confinement Food
  2. Halal Nyonya Confinement Food
As rejuvenation of your health and well-being is our top priority, all meals are prepared with NO MSG, less sesame oil and ginger, as we are promoting and helping mothers to breastfeed, unless the customer requests for more to be added. In other words, we are trying our best to cater for each mother’s needs and we are adhering to strict hygiene practices and quality control to give you the assurance and the peace of mind in your confinement diet and care.
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