Malay Confinement

The purpose of Malay confinement is to take care of the mother’s health in later life, as well as to regain energy and overall recovery. New mothers with babies usually being taken care by their mothers or their mother-in-law during the confinement period. But now most of the new mothers choose to be independent during the confinement period and usually will get the confinement nanny to help. Typically, the confinement period is 44 days, but there are some Malays who practice up to 100 days.

malay imagesPostpartum dietary practices among the Malay community, is eating freshwater fish such as snakehead believed to accelerate the inner healing. Avoid eating mackerel and seafood like shrimp and scallops because it can cause allergies and irritation.

Confinement Care-198x117Cold foods such as cucumber, young coconut, spinach and sugar should be avoided because it will cause rheumatism, arthritis and weak joints.

At birth, the mother has lost a lot of blood, and this makes her body cool and tense. Post-natal care will improve the blood circulation aimed to lift the womb, flatten the abdomen and breakdown the intractable fat by doing massage, heat treatment “bertungku” ,wearing abdominal wrap “berbengkung”, and eating herbs.

Postnatal Massage – This is done for three consecutive days, or at least three times during confinement. The aim is to stimulate the blood veins and vessels, lifting the reproductive tract, removing the blood stain that is still present in the uterus and break down fat.

Bertungku – Heat treatment were performed daily during confinement before wearing the abdominal wrap “bengkung”. Hot stone or heated furnace will be wrapped in cloth before being placed in the abdomen to help shrink the uterus and launched production of residual blood stain in it. Heat treatments at the thighs will breakdown intractable fat.

Berbengkung– Body of the new mother, will be wiped using herbs and wrapped with fabric “bengkung” from below the chest to the back face every day throughout the entire period of confinement. “Bengkung” fabric is from cotton material and equipped with straps to ensure the bandage on the body does not open easily.

Herbal Bath – Herbs, roots and spices boiled timber to be mixed with water. This herb is believed to refresh the body, the wind and get rid of the smell of blood postpartum.

herbsVarious herbs and spices are combined to produce drinking water herbal blend every morning. Postnatal herbs are sold by local producers or from Indonesia.  Herbs can recharge, ensuring her hot body, and get rid of fat, wind and toxins. Fresh herbs such as turmeric also encourage to help the recovery of the mother’s body. However, breastfeeding mothers should be careful in taking herbs because it can be absorbed into the breast milk. If your baby suffers diarrhea, stop the practice of consuming herbal medicine for a while.


Confinement Care Malaysia offers various packages for both Live-in and Day Time Malay confinement care services at an affordable price.

We offer various packages for Live-in Malay confinement care services as below:

* The package price above is valid within Klang Valley areas and are subjected to an additional transport charges. The prices vary according to locations, seasons and other circumstances.
* Terms and Conditions Apply.

Other terms and condition

  1. For Malay Live-in Package, the standard service hour is 8 am to 8pm daily.
  2. Night care for baby can be done by negotiation.
  3. Proper meals and resting room for praying must be accommodated by client.
  4. The cooking ingredients are not included in the package.

For Day Time or Part-time Malay confinement nanny , we offer various flexible packages of 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and 28 days services which comprise of:baby

  • Daily confinement cooking for mommy
  • Daily baby bath and massage
  • Daily baby care
  • Traditional Malay postnatal care
  • Light Laundry (mother & baby)

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We also provide other confinement services as below:

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