Postnatal Confinement in the Chinese Culture


Restoring the body after childbirth.

In addition to the mother or mother-in-law, who can afford arrangements to assist the new mother, it is a common practice among the Chinese community, to hire a Confinement Nanny who will take care of all the needs of new mothers during confinement period.


Female caregiver or a Confinement Nanny would normally be taboo for 28 days (if you want her to stay longer, you need to tell her first because she may have other assignments). During this period, the Confinement Nanny will be cooking for the new mother, baby bathing and washing baby clothes. You can also request this guardian breastfeed at night with milk that was milked.


a traditional herbal treatmentFood that warms the body like a traditional tonic with ginger and herbs taken by an increasing encouraged new mothers. However, before taking any herbal supplements and traditional herbs, you may need to meet with Chinese medical practitioner to determine the amount of herbs or supplements required. This is because the physical level for each person is different, and the way she gave birth to a baby is different.

If you do not need supplements, make sure you eat enough healthy food or you may order from our home-cooked confinement meals delivery.  Fish soup is good to drink because it is believed to increase the supply of breast milk. In addition, consuming virgin coconut oil will also help to increase the supply of breast milk.

postnatal careAvoid cold foods like cold drinks, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, bamboo shoots, melon, pineapple, banana, watermelon, grapefruit, duck meat, seafood such as crabs, clams, oysters, snails, squid and octopus. Many foods such as onions and jack fruit should also be avoided. Seasonings such as soy sauce, noodle sauce, and salt should be avoided (or just take a few).

Spicy food can be taken if it does not affect the baby. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that eating spicy can cause constipation, which if allowed to continue it could affect the recovery of the uterus.


Not washing hair during confinement is a traditional Chinese or Asian practice. Avoid cold things like cold water, air-conditioning or even a fan but just a warm bath with diluted herbs. These practices ensure your body maintains the temperature and it is believed to prevent health problems such as rheumatism, arthritis, headaches and body aches later on.

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