Live-in Confinement

Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions for the mother as there is no feeling better than the feeling of becoming a mother. However, the mother is filled with apprehensions of the future. When the mother and the baby are allowed to go home, the mother is bombarded with a host of responsibilities. While, on one hand, she is recovering from the physical changes that her body has gone through, she has to take care of the baby and the house.

In order to reduce the burden of work on the new mother, live-in confinement care services are available. These servicers can be particularly helpful in not just reducing the work burden of the mother, but it also ensures that she is well taken care of. A coming home of a baby is not just stressful for the mother; it is equally stressful for the fathers and all the other members of the family.

Fathers are also faced with issues like depression and postpartum emotional or psychological issues. Therefore, an external help can help in stabilizing the whole family and help them enjoy the entry of their bundle of joy instead of feeling overstressed and burdened. Live-in postnatal services can bring bliss for you if you are facing such a situation. As part of the services, you get a full time assistant who can help you with your daily chores, postnatal baby care and postnatal mother care.

The initial weeks of your baby’s stay at you home can be arduous for the mother and the whole family. Live in Postnatal Care services can come in handy in such situations. The services provided under this category includes –

Baby Care

A newborn baby is highly vulnerable to infections and issues. Therefore, the baby requires complete attention, which a recovering mother may find difficult to give. A professional postnatal care specialist can keep a tab on the baby’s development and health 24 x 7 reducing the chances of any issues from cropping up.

Mother Care

The mother is weak and recovering post-childbirth. She can recover fast if she is well taken care off. The professional can give postnatal massages to the mother and take care of her by ensuring that she takes her medicines on time. Moreover, the professional is trained and has the experience to identify any postnatal complications. Therefore, he or she can help you in identifying the issues early.

Confinement Meals Preparation

The first and the foremost priority of any care regime to ensure that they get the right food. While the mother needs ample nutrition to recover from the effects of the pregnancy, the newborn needs balanced meals for proper development and immunity against diseases.

Daily Chores

In addition, the additional activities that are an integral part of living in a house can also be taken care of by the professional. From doing laundry to doing basic housekeeping, all these activities are a part of the professional’s job chart.

Other Duties

The professional can also do grocery shopping (if required) and do light household chores that you are expected to do.

The live-in confinement nanny will be able to help you if you speak the same language and have a similar background. Therefore, as per your requirements, you can get a Chinese, Indian or Malay (Muslim) professional. Live-in Postnatal Care services can be of great help to you in ensuring optimal health of the mother and newborn. Besides, it also allows you to spend quality time with the family without having to worry about daily household chores.

In summary, we provide 24 hours live-in confinement services which include:

Again, depending on the types of services you required, the service charges will be slight vary. Please visit our Malay Confinement, Chinese Confinement and Indian Confinement sites for more information!

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