Name of confinement nanny: Marie Chan
Customer Name: Fiqa Chong
Services Purchased: Chinese confinement care services
Quality of work: Excellent
Professionalism of service person: Excellent
Would you recommend us? Yes
If yes, can we use your name? Yes

Testimonial: fiqa-nancy
Aunty Marie speaks well English and up to date with the modern world. She has great knowledge and experience of being a confinement nanny which makes her good at what she’s doing and has TONES of stories to share with you. She’s also excellent with babies and does not mind going the extra mile to make sure mummy gets plenty of rest.

Don’t worry about how your confinement food will turn out to be, because her cooking is delicious too. Except I got pretty bored with the food after the third week. She’s a great help and will give you tips if you’re a first-time mum like me. Definitely not your ordinary confinement lady.

She’s in high demand, so be sure to book her once you are confirmed,
else you will miss the boat.

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